✅General knowledge mcqs for all competitive exams 2021

✅ General knowledge quiz 

✅ General knowledge one word answer 

1. The first English dictionary was compiled by __________?

Ans:- Samuel Johnson

2. Microsoft was founded in _______.

Ans:- 1975

3. “Port of Long Beach ” is the seaport ______?

Ans:- U.S.A

4. At present how many countries are as members in U.N.O.

Ans:- 193.

5. PMG stands for

Ans:- post Master General

6. Who was Dr. Salim Ali ?

Ans:- Famous Ornithology

7. Who was Robert Peary .

Ans:- First person to reach the north pole.

8. ‘One Day Wonders’ was written by .

Ans:- Sunil Gavaskar

9. Rayon is also called _____.

Ans:- Artificial Silk

10. Who pioneered the modern nursing system.

Ans:- Florence Nightingale

11. India’s first indigenously built stealth warship is _______.

Ans:- INS Shivalik

12. Who was Aristophanes_______.

Ans:- Greek play right 

13. The first successful heart transplant operation in India was performed by_____.

Ans:- Dr. P Venugopal

14. The Indian Naval mutiny took place on:- 

Ans:- February 18, 1956

15. Who was Robespierre?

Ans:- French Revolutionary leader.

16. Which snake doesn’t reproduce by laying eggs?

Ans:- Green Anaconda

17.who was known as the Lady of the Lamp?

Ans :- Florence Nightingale

18. The Arjuna awards are given to outstanding persons in the field of______.

Ans:- sports 

19.The first Asian games were held at ______.

Ans:- New Delhi

20. Who is known as Fuhrer ______ .

Ans:- Adolf Hitler

21. Who was Thomas  Gregory _______.

Ans:- Youngest Person to swim across the English channel 

22. Who was styled Maid of Orleans?

Ans:- Joan of Arc

23. Which viceroy of India had no left arm ?

Ans:- Lord Irwin

24. Who aimed to achieve a “classless society” ?

Ans:- Karl Marx

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