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General Science mcqs for competitive exams 2021General Science mcqs for competitive exams 2021

1. The world’s soil day is celebrated on________.

Ans:- 5th December

2.Albert Einstein was a _________.

Ans:- physicist

3. Severe deficiency of vitamin D results in ________.

Ans:- Ricktes 

4. Milk contains how much of water _______

Ans:- 80%

5. The SI unit of charge is __________?

Ans:- coulomb

6. Very high frequency (VHF) have _______ wavelength.

Ans:- shorter 


7. Long – sight defect could be corrected by using _____ lens.

Ans:- Concave

8. Deficiency of vitamin A results in_________.

Ans:- Night blindness

9.The life span of RBC is ________ days .

Ans:- 120

10. The density of water is _______?

Ans:- 1/g cm³

11. Radioactivity was discovered by________ 

Ans:- Bacquerel

12. What is the name of the gas used to cool water in a refrigerator?

Ans:- Ammonia

13. The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is _________?

Ans:- oxygen

14. Each day human body breathe in _________ litres of air ?

Ans:- 15,000-20,000

14. SI unit of pressure is ___________.

Ans:- Pascal

15. In human body, 

16. CNG stands for_______.

Ans:- Compressed Natural Gas.


17. Sound waves are _____________ waves.

Ans:- Longitudinal

18. The fluid part of blood is known as _______.

Ans:- plasma

19. In general comits have ________ orbits.

Ans:- Highly elliptical

20. GPS is an abbreviation for:- 

Ans:- Global positioning System.

21. The planet which is easily visible from the earth is ___________.

Ans:- Venus

22. The Great Spot is on the planet ________?

Ans:- Jupiter

23. The principal constituent of the atmosphere of the earth is ___.

Ans:- Nitrogen

24. For proper formation of teeth , ________ is essential.

Ans:- flourine

25. Diamond is an allotropic form of ________?

Ans:- carbon

26. The good sources of vitamin-A are :- 

Ans:- Green leafy vegetables

27. Wild energy is the ___________ energy.

Ans:- kinetic

28. Who is considered the founder of meteorology_______.

Ans:- Aristotle

29. One of the countries through which equator passes .

Ans:- Kenya

30. Humming bird belongs to a category called?

Ans:- Endotherm

31. Basic metals can be converted into gold by ____ 

Ans:- Artificial Nuclear Radioactivity

32. A light year is a unit of ____

Ans:- length

33. The instrument which measures very 

high temperature is _______.

Ans:- pyrometer

34. Chemical used to kill rat and mice are :-

Ans:- Rodenticides

35. Chemical name of vinegar is ________.

Ans:- Dilute acetic acid

36. The most splendid and the most magnificent constellation on the sky is ____.

Ans:- Orion


37. Sedimentary rocks are _______:- 

Ans:- porous

38. The fruits without seeds , like banana are called :- 

Ans:- Parthenocarpic fruits.

39. Parsec is a unit of _______.

Ans:- Distance

40. Night vision is possible with the help of _______?

Ans:- Infrared rays 

41. In human body ,most nutrient molecules are absorbed by the ?

Ans:- small intestines

42. Tibia is bone found in the ________.

Ans:- leg

43. The main constituent of hemoglobin is ______.

Ans:- Iron

44. Which gland secrete tears_________.

Ans:- Larchymal

45. Malaria is a disease which effects the ________.

Ans:- spleen

46. Leukemia is the disease of the ______?

Ans:- blood

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