'इससे ज्यादा बुरा क्या होगा, अब..', पांचों मैच गंवा चुकी दिल्ली कैपिटल्स के लिए गांगुली का बयान

Delhi Capitals has had a rough start to this year’s IPL season, having lost all five of their matches so far, and many of them in a one-sided fashion, indicating a lack of fighting spirit within the team. However, Sourav Ganguly, the cricket director of Delhi Capitals, has motivated his team before their sixth match, saying that they should leave behind their past performances and support their captain and each other. He believes that with nine matches remaining, they can still win all nine of them and turn their fortunes around.

Ganguly’s advice to the players was to focus on playing for themselves and their own honor, rather than worrying about qualifying for the tournament. He also praised David Warner, the team’s captain, and asked his players to stick with him, as he has the toughest job in the team.

According to Ganguly, the team is much better than their results suggest, and all they need is one good game to turn things around. He encouraged the team to stay connected with each other and make a strong comeback in the tournament.

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