1. India recently withdrew from multilateral military exercise in Russia named ________.

Answer is D)



2. ________ International Film Festival India to be held in Goa from November 2020.

Answer is B)



3. National Sports Day is celebrated every year on 29 August , to commemorate whom among the following?

Answer is B)
Dhyan Chand



4.India is a non-permanent member of the UNSC for a ___ year term.

Answer is A)



5. RBI has recently launched the IESH Survey across 18 cities. What is “I” in IESH ?

Answer is B)



6.Japanese PM_________ has announced his resignation for health reasons.

Answer is A)
Shinzo Abe



7. Bank Board Bureau has recommended whom as the next SBI chairman?

Answer is A)
Dinesh Khara



8.When a loan is granted for one day and is repaid on the second day, it is called ________ money.

Answer is B)



9. India’s Reliance Retail has agreed to acquire ____ units for $3.4 billion.

Answer is B)
Future group



10. SWIFT code includes of 8 or 11 characters. Bank/Institution code is represented in __________.

Answer is B)
First four characters



11. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan flagged off Prateeksha , the first of a fleet of 3 marine __________.

Answer is C)



12. How much amount in overdraft facility has been made available without conditions by the government?

Answer is C)
Rs 2000



13. Who among the following co-chaired the 17th ASEAN- India Economic Ministers’ consultations which was held virtually?

Answer is B)
Piyush Goyal

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