✅Give the meaning and Characteristics of Enterpreneurship?

✅ Meaning of Enterpreneurship.

✅ Meaning of Enterpreneur.

✅Nature of Enterpreneurship

✅ Characteristics of Enterpreneurship.

Meaning and Characteristics of Enterpreneurship…

Meaning and Characteristics of Enterpreneurship by theknowledgebee.in

An Enterpreneurship can be defined as a process by carrying out a set of functions by an entrepreneur to establish and operate a company.

Meaning and Characteristics of Enterpreneurship by theknowledgebee.in

An entrepreneur is an individual who performs all the tasks by acknowledging business opportunity taking the necessary risk and uncertainty initiatives.


1.Entrepreneurship is the ability of a person to start a business. It is not everyone’s skill to start a business; only a capable individual can do so.

2. It entails gathering all factors of production, such as capital, land, and labour, in one location to perform a desired capability.

3. Entrepreneurship must be carried out in the face of danger and uncertainty.

4.Planning, organising, staffing, leading, and controlling are all managerial functions.

5. It has a significant impact on product and service demand and supply.

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