1. which of the following is true regarding BCA?

Answer is C)
A BCA can provide service to more than 1 bank



2. Which of the following banks are part of the famous SHG-Bank linkage programme for microfinance in India? 

Answer is D)
1 ,2 and 3



3. The term ATM stands for which of the following?

Answer is C)
Automated Teller machine



4. Which of the following products provide an opportunity to build up saving through regular monthly deposits of fixed sum over a period of time? :

Answer is C)
Recurring deposit account



5. The term Negotiable Instrument is associated with which of the following?

Answer is D)
All of the above



6. Which of the following is not the Negotiable instrument?

Answer is A)
Currency Note



7. Which of the following instruments may be constructed either as a promissory note or bill of exchange?

Answer is B)
Ambiguous Instrument



8. When did Negotiable Instruments Act ,1881 came into force?

Answer is B)
1st March ,1882



9. Banking Ombudsman may award compensation to the complainant for mental agony and harassment how much amount?

Answer is A)


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