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computer knowledge mcqs/quiz 

Computer Awareness mcqs/quiz with answers

1. Which of the following holds the ROM, CPU , and RAM?

Answer is A)



2. Which language was used in programming of first-generation computers?

Answer is B)
Machine language



3. Which of the following enters computer through an email or free programs that have been downloaded from the internet and cause plenty of damage?

Answer is B)
Trojan horse



4. In which of the following topology, each device is connected to every other device on a network through a dedicated point-to-point link?

Answer is C)
Mesh topology



5. Which of the following is correct hierarchy?

Answer is B)

6. Which among the following language can be read like regular English?

Answer is D)


7. USB is a common interference that enables communication between devices and a host controller such as personal computer (PC). ‘S’ in USB stands for?

Answer is C)



8. What is the extension of MS Dos command file?

Answer is B)



9. WORM is a data storage technology that prevents the drive from erasing the datta. What is the full form of WORM?

Answer is C)
Write Once , Read Many



10. which one of the following software program applications will be the most appropriate for acting numerical and statistical calculations.

Answer is B)



11. What is the new default document name in MS word?

Answer is C)



12. Which among the following is not a input device?

Answer is A)



13. Which of the following technologies were used by third- generation computers?

Answer is B)
Integrated circuits



14. In context of Machine language, which of the following statements is not correct?

Answer is B)
It cannot be directly understood by the computer & need translator program



15. Whenever the text in a document moves to a new page, it is known as:

Answer is B)
page break

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