Current affairs 8April2021 Mcqs
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Current affairs in English
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1.Recently RBI increased the deposit limit of payment of payments bank customers.What is the limit now?

Answer is C)
2 lakh

2. Who was appointed as BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit Chief recently?:

Answer is B)
Shabir Hussein

3. S Raman was appointed as SIDBI Chairman and Managing Director recently.Where is SIDBI headquartered?

Answer is B)

4. Who was ranked in the Forbes’ annual world’s billionaries list of 2021? :

Answer is C)
Elon Musk

5. Which of the following nation is the largest exporter of Rare earth elements to India?

Answer is A)

6. Who is recently appointed as the revenue secretary under the Ministry of Finance ?

Answer is B)
Tarun Bajaj

7. Corporate tax is levied on :

Answer is C)
Big Companies


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