1. Which of the following is the theme for International Literacy Day , 2020?

Answer is A)
Literacy teaching & learning in Covid-19 & beyond


2.Who among the following has been crowned as Wushu World Champion?

Answer is A)
Poonam Khatri


3. Which of the following country along with India will hold Joint Consultative Commission meeting?

Answer is C)


4. R Masakui has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of india to which of the following nation?

Answer is B)


5. Who has been appointed as the Vice- President of the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations?

Answer is C)
Manish Raj Singhania

6.Govind Swarup passed away recently, he was an acclaimed_________?

Answer is B)


7. Scheduled Commercial Banks are included under which schedule of the Reserve Bank Of India Act , 1934?

Answer is B)


8. Which of the following state has announced a new electronics & hardware manufacturing policy to increase the state’s electronics industry output to $100 billion by 2025?

Answer is C)
Tamil Nadu


9. DRDO successfully demonstrated its hypersonic missile based on which of the following technology?

Answer is A)

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