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current affairs 17 november in English / current affairs quiz 2020

1. Which of the following bank has launched the “Mooh Band Rakho” campaign?

Answer is C)


2. Department of Investment and public asset management has a framework for monetizing non-core assets of government CPSEs of rupees ______ and above.

Answer is C)
100 crores


3. The Election Commission of India has appointed Sonu Sood as the state icon of which of the following state?

Answer is B)


4. 12th BRICS Summit was hosted by?

Answer is A)


5. India’s International Bank is a tagline of which of the following banks?

Answer is A)
Bank of Baroda


6. The world’s first tram library for children was launched in?

Answer is C)


7. Which of the following bank has launched the “EVA” savings account for women?

Answer is A)
Equitas small Finance Bank


8. In January 1938 ________ denomination note was the first paper currency issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

Answer is A)
Rupees 5


9. National Epilepsy Day is observed on?

Answer is B)
November 17


10. Which of the following was the first company authorized by RBI to open white Label ATM’s in India?

Answer is C)
Tata communication payment solutions

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