Earthquake Of Magnitude 3.9 Hits Jammu & Kashmir

According to the National Center for Seismology (NCS), Jammu and Kashmir was hit by an earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale on Sunday morning.At 6:57 am on Sunday, the National Center for Seismology (NCS) reported via Twitter that an earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale occurred north of Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. No reports of damage have been received from the region as yet.

The NCS reported the occurrence of an earthquake in the Afghanistan-Tajikistan region shortly after the earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir. According to another tweet from the NCS, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit Tajikistan, which shares its border with Afghanistan, at 6:10 am on March 5, 2023. The earthquake had a depth of 10 kilometers and its epicenter was located 267 kilometers to the east-northeast of Fayzabad, with the coordinates of 37.72 latitude and 73.48 longitude

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a second earthquake hit Afghanistan just before the Jammu and Kashmir earthquake. The earthquake tracker of USGS indicated that a 4.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in the northern region of Afghanistan bordering Tajikistan at 6:56 am IST, which is only one minute before the J&K earthquake reported by NCS.Moreover, as per the NCS, another earthquake of magnitude 4.1 hit the same region late on Saturday night.

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