Idioms and phrases

Idioms and phrases for competitive exams by the

An idiom is a collection of words that have a meaning that is distinct from the meaning of the individual words.

Idioms and phrases for competitive exams by the

A phrase is a collection of words that form an idiomatic expression.

1. ABC.       (Basic Principles)

She doesn’t know the ABC of photography.

2. At one’s beck and call (ready to obey).

He had a dozen men at his beck and call.

3. At sixes and sevens (in disorder)

The drawing room articles were lying at sixes and sevens on the floor.

4. A wet blanket   ( a discouraging person)

Don’t allow Rakesh to accompany you to the hunting trip because he is a wet blanket.

5. A big gun.  ( an important person)

Mr Smith is a big gun in our city

6. At a stone’s throw ( at a short distance from)

The hospital is at a stone’s throw from my house .

7. A man of word    ( a person who keeps his promise)

Mr Sharma is a man of word.

8. A man of few words.  (a remarkable person)

Gandhiji was a man of few words.

9. At arm’s length.   (to keep away)

we should always keep bad boys at arm’s length.

10. A bolt from the blue (a sudden and unexpected event)

The news of my friend’s death came to me like a bolt from the blue .

11. A man of letters.     (a scholar)

Rahul was a man of letters.

12. A hard nut to crack.   (a puzzling problem)

To get a win over American basketball team is a nut to crack for India.

13. A yeoman’s service.   ( service which is beneficial to the human beings)

He did yeoman’s service through his life.

14. A snake in the grass ( a hidden foe)

Beware of him because he seems to be a snake in the grass.

15. Acid test ( hard test)

The election will be an acid test for the ruling party.

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