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A partial shutdown was witnessed during a bandh called by the Jammu Chamber of Commerce & Industries (CCI) with the support of various political parties, to protest against property tax. The transporters’ union chose to abstain from the bandh, which resulted in only a partial shutdown.

Initially, the market in Jammu city was closed in the morning as part of the bandh. However, as the day progressed, the shutters went up and the market opened. Private transport and auto rickshaws also continued to operate normally.

Arun Gupta, the president of CCI who had called for the bandh, alleged that the administration and police intervened to compel shopkeepers to open their shops. Despite this interference, Gupta believed that the bandh was successful as many shops remained closed. He also claimed that the police contacted shopkeepers and that the bandh had received widespread support.

Protesters from the Yuva Rajput Sabha organized a street demonstration to demand the rollback of the property tax. However, they claimed that the administration prevented them from approaching the city centre. The CCI alleged that the imposition of property tax had been done without consulting the stakeholders and that the Lieutenant Governor’s administration was not concerned about the public’s sentiments.

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