Current affairs 2020 mcqs with Answers [ 11 -August- 2020]

1. Name Lebanon’s Prime Minister who resigned recently over the deadly blasts that shook the country.

Answer is C)
Hassan Diab

2.Which of the following institutes provided a fund of $10 million to the Endiya Partners Fund II ?

Answer is C)
International Finance Corporation

3. who has been elected as the president of Belarus ?

Answer is A)
Alexander Lukashenko

4. Who has been appointed as the first woman chairman of SAIL , the largest Steel-making Company in India ?

Answer is C)
Soma Mondal

5. The book, Corona Kavithakal was written by___________.

Answer is C)
Both A & B

6. The UMANG App witnessed huge growth during the lockdown . What does ‘U’ in UMANG short for ?

Answer is A)

7. Anti-Bullying Campaign , a part of ‘Teen Age Police’ Programme is an initiative of which of the following ? :

Answer is C)
Faridabad Police

8. Ranil Wickremesinghe resigned from UNP leadership. He belongs to which country ?

Answer is B)
Sri Lanka

9. Which of the following is the first Municiapl Corporation in India to provide forestland Right Certificates to people of Urban area ?

Answer is A)

10. Which of the following country will host the 2021 Twenty20 World cup ?

Answer is C)

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