Current affairs 2020 solved for all competitive Exams

Current affairs Quiz 
1. The Government of India has recently launched____________ Portal on Human Elephant Conflict.

Answer is C)

2. Recently Hassan Diab resigned from his post . He was serving as the Prime Minister _______.

Answer is C)

3. What is the theme of the 2020 International Youth Day observed on 12th of August ?

Answer is B)
Youth Engagement for Global Action

4. SURAKHSYA portal launched by the Environment Minister recently aims to conserve which of the following ?

Answer is A)

5. Russia has developed the first vaccine against the coronavirus . which is the capital of Russia ?

Answer is B)

6. Who won the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix 2020 held at silverstone in UK?

Answer is C)
Max Verstappen

7. Who,if elected , would become the first ever woman vice president of the United States ?

Answer is B)
Kamala Harris

8. Which of the following published the Business Responsibility Report recently ?

Answer is C)
Ministry of corporate Affairs

9.Name the bank which recently obtained in-principle approval from RBI to set up a non-financial subsidiary .

Answer is A)
South Indian Bank

10. IIina Sen, who passed away recently was a well-known_____.

Answer is C)
Both A & B

11.Which of the following companies launched a portable Andriod-Based POS device recently ?

Answer is C)

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