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Today’s current affairs mcqs/Quiz

1. ‘Honouring the Honest’ aplatform launched by PM Modi aims to benefit who of the following ?

Answer is C)

2. Former President Pranab Mukherjee has been tested positive for COVID-19. He served as the _______ president of India .

Answer is C)

3. Who among the following Indians origin has been named as US Vice Presidential candidate for Democratic party?

Answer is A)
Kamala Harris

4. Who among the following heads the committe for procurement, administration of COVID-19 vaccine ?

Answer is B)
VK paul

5. The largest-ever loan package amounting to $3.1 billion for bangladesh was provided by which of the following countries ?

Answer is B)

6. Which of the followinghas planned to launch the Women Connect Challenge in India, originally started in the USA ?

Answer is C)
Reliance Foundation

7. Special Revival campaign was recently launched by _________.

Answer is C)
Life Insurance Corporation

8. Mission Organic Development Initiative (MODI) was in news recently . It is a scheme launched in which of the following states/UTs?

Answer is B)

9. Rajiv Tyagi who passed away recently was a _____________ .

Answer is A)

10. Who has been named as the Juventus’ MVP of the year award ?

Answer is C)
Christiano Ronaldo

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