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                   Current affairs MCqs/quiz

                   Current affairs August 2020 Quiz
1. Who among the following launched the Naval Innovation and Indigenisation Organisation (NIIO) ?

Answer is A)
Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh


2. Which of the following country has recently tested the advanced missile defence system Arrow-22 ?

Answer is B)


3. Which E-commerce platform launched a seller- driven campaign named ‘Itna Aasan Hai’?

Answer is A)


4. ‘Sarthak’ that was launched recently is a/an ______.

Answer is C)
Offshore Patrol Vessel


5. US president Donald Trump brokered a historic deal to establish full diplomatic rlations between which of the following countries ?

Answer is C)
Israel & the UAE


6. Delhi- Katra expressway being built at a cost of Rs 35,000 crores is to be completed by which year?

Answer is C)


7. Which of the following is the first state in the world to become fully organic under organic farming?

Answer is A)


8. Name the running event that is being organised by the Sports Ministry to Encourage fitness ?

Answer is C)


9. Recently, India has extended 1 million USD to Antigua and Barbuda to combat COVID-19 outbreak . What is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda ?

Answer is A)
Saint John’s


10. Atulya, that was launched recently by the MSME Minister is a ________.

Answer is C)
Microwave device

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