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1. Who is the current Supreme Commander of the Armed Forced ?

Answer is B)
Ram Nath Kovind



2. ISRO and IISc collaborated to form _____ on the moon .

Answer is B)
Space Bricks



3. India is set to recieve a funding of $30 million from Coralogix. The company is based on which of the following countries?

Answer is C)



4. Smart connect Scheme is a S cheme of which of the following governments ?

Answer is B)



5. Name the portal that was launched by the Union Defence Minister for indigenization in the defence sector?

Answer is C)



6. The largest part of national income is :

Answer is A)



7. What is another name for Andriod 10.0 developed by Google ?

Answer is C)
Andriod Q



8. Which of the following stances is undertaken in fiscal policy during recessions to increase economic activity?

Answer is C)
Expansionary Stance



9. World Organ Donation Day is observed every year on _________.

Answer is A)
14 August

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