✅sentence Improvement mcqs for all competitive exams 2021

✅ Sentence Improvement mcqs

✅ Sentence Improvement

One can use the same words in a variety of ways, but the best way is the one that makes the best use of the words and conveys the expression’s correct meaning.

sentence Improvement mcqs for all competitive exams 2021

Directions:- In these questions, a part of the sentence is bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part A, B and C which can improve the sentence. Choose the right alternative. just in case no improvement is required , your answer is ‘D’.

1.It must retain the language of poetry. It needed to create stories , and not statements.

A) It needs creating

B) It needs creating

C) It needs to create

D) No improvement

Ans:- It needs to create

2. Luxury brands are still above of the clover curve here, with their elite (small ) audience.

A) still ahead of the

B) still in the 

C) still far of the

D) No improvement

Ans:– still far of the

3. Agencies hence needed to be sure of returns before investing , say admen.

A) hence needs to be

B) so needs to be

C) hence need to be

D) No improvement

Ans:– hence need to be

4. International campaigns can work well for luxury here , but context cannot be ignored.

A) so context cannot be

B) but context cannot

C) but context couldn’t

D) No improvement

Ans:- No improvement

5. But too much of availability can compromise a luxury brand or made it lose its lusture.

A) make her lose

B) make him lose 

C) make it lose

D) No improvement

Ans:- make it lose

6. Still , it’s under the upper layers themselves who are aspiring for slivers of luxury.

A) layers themselves with

B) layer itself who

C) layer themselves which 

D) No improvement

Ans:– layers themselves which

7. All-rounder cricketer has also made some progress over the player rankings.

A) above the

B) at the 

C) up the 

D) No improvement

Ans:- up the

8. It is time for old bungalows to bite the dust ?

A) go down 

B) get down

C) come down

D) No improvement

Ans:- No improvement

9. The bungalows was an outward manifestation of a certain way in life , and with that era gone .

A) way of life

B) way for life 

C) way at life

D) No improvement

Ans:- way of life

10. The picturesque mountain offers excellent bungee jumping spots .

A) shows

B) provides 

C) offer 

D) No improvement

Ans:- offer 

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