One can use the same words in a variety of ways, but the best way is the one that makes the best use of the words and conveys the expression’s correct meaning.

Directions:- In these questions, a part of the sentence is bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part A, B and C which can improve the sentence. Choose the right alternative. just in case no improvement is required , your answer is ‘D’.

1. Former minister on Sunday joined hands with a suspended Lok Sabha member to float a new political outfit.

A) folded hands

B) walked hand in hand

C) Shaked hands

D) No improvement

Ans:- Shaked hands

2. The builder Mittals with reportedly raise their money – ranking high – rise behind it .

A) highten their money

B) rise their money

C) raise there money 

D) No improvement

Ans:– No improvement

3. Stay focused on your goals and don’t get disturbed by non- materialistic possession.

A) get involved by 

B) get betrayed by

C) get distracted

D) No improvement

Ans:- get distracted by

4. More of them are owned by the state and even the privately – owned ones are open to the public.

A) Most of which 

B) Most of them

C) Most of all

D) No improvement

Ans:- Most of them

5. Begin your meal with traditional faves like potato soup , beef soup with dumplings.

A) meals with

B) meal in

C) meals of 

D) No improvement

Ans:- meals with

6. If you have a high credit limit , use at least a third of it .

A) atleast

B) at last a 

C) utmost

D) No improvement

Ans:– utmost a 

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