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📌General knowledge mcqs
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1. The most explosive type of volcano is _______

Answer is C)
the caldera


2. Sound travels fast through ______

Answer is C)


3. The temperature increases rapidly after ____

Answer is A)


4. Raman effect involves :

Answer is A)
scattering of light


5. If a sporangium derived from a single cell is called __________:

Answer is A)


6. The factor influencing process of flowering is :

Answer is B)


7.Pmcess of water exudation through hydathodes is known as :

Answer is B)


8. The wood is made up of :

Answer is A)
primary xylem


9. The oldest rocks found in ocean basins are ________ than the oldest continental rocks :

Answer is C)


10. When a gas is turned into a liquid , the process is called ________:

Answer is A)

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☑100+ Solved General knowledge mcqs 
☑General knowledge mcqs
☑GK quiz 
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