General awareness mcqs for all competitive exams
General awareness mcqs for Bank Exams

Q1:- India & which financial institution , recently signed a USD 450 million loan agreement to support the Atal Bhujal Yojana-National Groundwater Management Improvement programme in selected areas?

  1. New Development Bank
  2. Asian Development Bank
  3. World Bank
  4. None of the above
Ans:- World Bank

Q2:- Who clinched the 77th Senior Nationa;l Squash Championship title in woman’s category ,held in February,2020?
  1. Urvashi Joshi
  2. Joshna Chinappa
  3. Tanvi Khanna
  4. None of the above
Ans:- Joshna Chinappa

Explanation:- India’s Squash ace Joshna Chinappa has clinched 77th Senior National Championship in woman’s category at the ISA courts in Chennai . with the win she claimed her 18th title in the carrer.

Q3:- Under PM Mudra Yojna, what is the maximum loan amount that can be sanctioned?
  1. 3 Lakh
  2. 4 Lakh
  3. 10 Lakh
  4. None of the above
Ans:- 10Lakh

Explanation:- Pradhan Mantri MUDRA (PMMY) is a scheme launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on April 8,2015 for providing loans up to 10 Lakh to the non-corporate ,non-farm small/micro enterprises. These loans are given by commercial Banks, RBBs,small Finance Banks, MFIs And NBFCs.

Q4:- Ajey warrior is the joint army exercise between India and ___.
  1. Nepal
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Britain
  4. None of the above
Ans:- Britain

Q5:- Ladakh is partnered with which state under the   Ek Baharat Shreshth  Baharat Campaign?
  1. Tamil Nadu
  2. Odisha
  3. Bangladeshh
  4. None of the above
Ans:- Tamil Nadu

Q6:- Which edition of the DefExpo was held recently in Luckhnow with the theme “India: The Emerging Defence Manufacturing Hub”?
  1. 15th
  2. 11th
  3. 13th
  4. 10th
Ans:- 11th

Explanation:- 11th biennial edition of DefExpo India 2020 was held for the first time in Uttar Pradesh capital Luckhnow. It offered an excellent opportunity for the Indian Defence industry to showcase its capabilities and promote its export potential.

Q7:- Depatment of Science and Technology launched a scheme called SATHI for building strong Science & Technology infrastructure.What does “H” represent in “SATHI”?

  1. Harmony
  2. Heed
  3. Help
  4. None of the above
Ans:-  Help

Q8:- What is the Full Form of  “SATHI”?

Ans:- S -Sophisticated
         A – Analytical &
         T – Technical
         H – Help
         I – Institute

Q9:- What is the total budget outlay for the National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Application (NM-QTA) for a period of five years?

  1. 7000 crores
  2. 9000 crores
  3. 8000 crores
  4. 3000 crores
Ans:- 8000 crores

Explanation:- The government in its budget 2020 has announced a National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Applications (NM-QTA) with a total budget outlays of Rs 8000 crores for a period of five years to be implemented by the Department of Science & Technology (DST). Quantum Technology is  based on the principles of quantum theory.

Q10:- Which state ranked first among the states with a population of less than 1 crore in justice delivery system capacity?
  1. Bihar
  2. Goa
  3. Sikkim
  4. Assam
Ans:- Goa


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