Q1:- It is one of  the most successful gas-electric hybrid cars.
It is priced between  Rs24.02 – Rs 34.07lakh

Ans:- Toyota Prius
Q2:- This is an CNG car.
It is priced between Rs 2.52-Rs2.77 lakh.

Ans:- Tata Nano CNG emax
Q3:- This CNG seven seater car is one of the cheapest family cars available in India.
It is priced between Rs 3.36 – Rs 4.22lakh.
It can be fully charged in seven hours and can achieve a top speed of 110/hr.

Ans:- Maruti Suzuki Eeco charge
Q4:- This electric car is powered by a lithium-ion-battery.
It is priced at Rs4.24-Rs 6.32lakh.
It can go at least 130 km in a single charged battery under normal conditions.
Ans:- Chevrolet Beat

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