How to increase website traffic for free in 2022


how to increase website traffic for free in 2021

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✅Top 10 Effective Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

how to increase website traffic for free in 2022 by knowledgebee
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Do you also wish to bring a lot of traffic to your blog? Yes. You are not alone. There are thousands of bloggers and website owners who have struggled a lot to bring immense traffic to blogs. Some of them succeeded and others failed because of wrong strategies and lack of good Guidance. 

The following articles will be a complete guide for beginners to drive traffic to their websites and blogs. So that you can earn handsome revenue. Read the article carefully and choose the right strategies to bring thousands of visitors every day.

1. Organic Social Media:

In this Global Village, where everyone is using a cell phone and making an effective presence on social media. It can be a useful way to bring organic traffic to your blog. It is old but an effective strategy to 

bring traffic. Although it is old but has changed in past few years. Nowadays, you can bring traffic by not only posting images but uploading stories and starting an IGTV. You can also go live to get more followers. 

*Having a diverse page following on social media will bring more visitors and handsome chances of earning revenue. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube can bring huge traffic to your blog if used


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2. Content Quality:

I will prefer quality articles over quantity. I have seen different bloggers who compromise the quality of content just to stuff their website with irrelative material. 

>>Here are the following tips to write quality articles and increase traffic. 

* Conduct SEO research: 

Before writing any article, you should conduct SEO research that will help you to increase search

engine results. Conduct SEO research so that you can know what your visitors are searching for on

search engines. 

It will help you create the best article. 

*Check for plagiarism: 

Google does not accept plagiarized articles. So uploading copied articles can affect ranking on google. You should use plagiarism checking tools to remove any plagiarism.


Proofreading is compulsory to make your content error-free. Go through the article to improve

article quality and make it error-proof. 


*Publish and promote:

Publish your article and promote it using social media and newsletters to bring traffic. The more traffic your article will generate, the higher will your post ranking in search engines. That is also a great source to earn revenue through blog traffic.

3. Website Analysis:

I will suggest you analyze your website to know about your audience’s choice. There are many platforms available on the internet such as Crazy Egg and many others that will help you to know about the positive and negative points of your blog. Using this information you will increase the quality of your website.

4. On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO includes these elements such as header, meta description, image alt-texts. It will increase search engine ranking and eventually bring in more traffic. Add keywords in meta descriptions and alttexts to get it ranked in search engines.

5. Backlinks:

Backlinks are considered to be one of the major factors that increase ranking in search engines. To get more traffic you should work hard to rank higher in search engines. There are two different to do so.

Firstly get linked to any high authority websites to increase your website’s credibility. If you constantly earn quality backlinks from a website you will get referral traffic and ranking as well.

6. Internal Links:

Every blogger wants to engage visitors to the website. You would want them to spend some timevreading different articles. Internal linking will help you to get this done. Internal links will divert your visitor to the other pages of your website.

To make it more clear, it will take your visitor from one room to another room of your website.

7. Social Sharing Buttons:

Social sharing buttons facilitate the readers to share your website with other friends or family. If you add

social sharing buttons there are more possibilities that your readers will become your promoter.

Here are some tips that will encourage people to share your content on different social platforms.

*Write quality contents

* Include any content that can be quoted

* Add different images and videos to make it more attractive

* Ask the visitors to share with family and friends

8. Advertise your website:

If you want to drive traffic quickly, you can use paid advertising platforms. You can also use Google ads to increase traffic. Some promotion accounts on social media that have a huge following can also work well to increase traffic and advertise your website.

9. Guest Posts:Writing guest posts can also be a good source of generating traffic. It will also show your effective presence in the community.Search for different websites that offer guest posts and submit your article containing links that will

drive readers to your websites. But before submitting an article for a guest post, it should be unique and

all original.

10.Giveaways and Contests:

Giveaways and contests can be a good source to boost up your website traffic. Host some contests and giveaways on social media and set a strategy to reward your followers.

Although it will cost some money but will quickly boost your traffic.

Wrap Up:

Blog traffic is waiting for you but it will take some time and consistent hard work. Some people get traffic more quickly than others. It could be because of blog niche and content quality. So you should not be discouraged. If you also want to get more traffic make sure that your website is responsive and fast.Those days are gone when laptops or computers were the only sources for browsing data on theinternet. Nowadays, mobile phones have replaced these sources. So it is necessary to make sure that your website is responsive and has the best viewable design across all devices.When visitors will spend quality time on your website, they will keep visiting time and again. Listen to your readers and answer them professionally in comment sections.

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