How to Earn money online 

How to earn money online without investing.

How to earn Absolutely Free money online

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Many people think that earning money online is not difficult but that’s not true. If you are earning money through blogging, digital marketing, or any other source, believe me, this is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and consistency. Most importantly, diligence and determination.

But there are some ways that have made it easy to earn money online instantly and absolutely free without investing any coin. Yes! That’s true. 

Read the article and earn money by using all these sources. But remember these websites and apps cannot be a substitute for your income.

Start earning today Through Online Surveys:

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Surveys are profitable in different ways. Most importantly, a lot of information becomes available on the internet without wasting a lot of time. Online surveys are the best way to evaluate the feelings, opinions, and thoughts of different people.

If you want to make your thoughts valuable, check for some online surveys and earn some amount of money.

Some websites are as follows to conduct online surveys.

Swag Bucks:

This website is helpful to a lot of people who want to earn extra money. You just need to sign up using your G-mail or E-mail address on their website. Once you sign up, you will have different tasks to perform. On the completion of each task, you will receive swag bucks.

Take 3 online Surveys in one day to receive 153 swag bucks.

Signing up for a newsletter, you will get thirty swag bucks.

If you upload the receipt of any product that you have bought, the website will pay you 5 swag bucks.You will have different options to watch short videos regarding events or entertainment. On the completion of this task, you will receive 5 swag bucks.

There are different tasks and by performing all the tasks, you will receive 196 Swag bucks. That means you will get 1.96 dollars on average. There are different swag buck apps that you can use for different tasks. You can also check out their website to know more about earning dollars.

Inbox Dollars:

As the name shows, this website is the other source of receiving dollars easily. You will receive dollars as you receive messages.

If you sign up, you will be connected to different survey provider companies that conduct online surveys. Just sign up, fill out a profile and see the detail of surveys that are according to your profile.

The payment is different for different surveys depending on the time limit and the company that is providing this survey. You will get 25 cents for small surveys and probably 1 dollar for solving a survey of 20 minutes. After completing these tasks, you will get scratch-off tickets that will be helpful to earn extra money.Conducting online surveys is not only informative but can be a great source of earning extra money. These apps and websites can be used as a side hustle, not as an income source.

For more information, check out their official website.

Survey Junkie:

Do you know, how much do your thoughts and opinions value? Probably you do not know. Your opinions about the things that you use in your daily life can make you earn extra money. 

Survey Junkie is a website that provides surveys about different consumer goods. On this website, you will need to complete your profile and provide a valid e-mail address. One rule that you might not like is that you cannot withdraw money until you receive a thousand points that are equivalent to 10 dollars.

The time for one survey varies from 2 minutes to more than 30 minutes. You will get more points for time-consuming surveys.

How to earn money without surveys:


Earn Money Using Cash Back Apps:

Cashback apps are getting immense popularity among users due to their interactive tactics. People not only make money using these apps but also get a bunch of enjoyment. Let’s read how you can get entertainment and money as well using these cash-back apps.

Fetch Rewards:

Fetch Rewards is another platform built for shopping online. This website is working with thousands of brands. The users register their accounts by downloading the app. 

The registered users take a photo of goods that they have bought through this app. Users upload this captured picture as proof of shopped product. The app has its picture recognizing technology that proves and detects the receipt. 

On approval, the user gets the reward of 1000 points that are equivalent to 1 dollar. The number of points also depends on the price and the type of bought product. 

So fetch rewards is an amazing platform that rewards you for buying daily bought things.


The users of Dosh do not require to scan their receipt or any coupon to upload. Upon creating an account, the dosh wallet will be connected to your credit card and you will receive cashback rewards for eating at your favorite hotel or shopping for your favorite things.

The withdrawal is only possible when you get 25 dollars. The valid offers are also present to shop online.

Make money by completing easy tasks:

Sweat Coin and Health Wage:

Sweat coin and health wage are the apps that pay you to lose weight. You should download the app and set a goal, how much you want to lose weight. Once you achieve the goal you will prove it and receive money.

Isn’t it superb?

Test Websites:

You will get a lot of sources to earn money if you get the right platform. There are different websites that will pay you 8 to 20 dollars for testing their websites. 

All you need to use this website and write a review. The payment methods and policies to test websites are different for different websites.


Earning money is not easy but once you get the right platform it is not difficult anymore. So before choosing any platform you should check the reviews of its users and its credibility. 

Hopefully, you have learned about some new ways to earn money online after reading this article. 

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