M.com Entrance MCQs ForCompetitive Exams.Commerce MCQs For B.ed entrance NAT/NET

     MCQs for M.COM MBA B.ED  NTA/ NET entrance exams . Commerce mcq with answers. MCQs for competitive exams

1.Which of the following is not element of promotion-mix?
a)    Advertising
b)    Publicity
c)    Place
d)    Personal selling

2.Product line covers –
a)    Departmental stores
b)   One price retailer
c)    General retailer
d)   All of the above


3.  A brand includes:
a)    Combination of name and symbol
b)   Design
c)    Logo or mark
d)   All of the above

4.  Modern  marketing consists of :
a)    Marketing and marketing research
b)   CRM
c)    Supply chain management
d)   All of the above

 5.  ————– is the value of a benefit where no actual cost is incurred
a)    Imputed
b)   Sunk
c)    Out-of-pocket
d)   None of these

6.  The total of all direct expenses is known as cost :
a)    Prime
b)   Work
c)    Production
d)   None of these

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