Do you believe management has all  the characteristics of a full-fledged profession?
Do you think management has the characteristics of a full fledged profession?

Management does not meet all of the requirements for a profession. It does, however, have certain characteristics of a profession.

Management is built on a logical set of principles. A set of well-defined principles based on a range of business scenarios. This information can be found in a variety of colleges and professional institutes, as well as in a variety of books and publications. Management is taught at several colleges, such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in India, where admission to different institutes is normally by an examination.

The profession necessitates the completion of an educational programme and passing of an examination. However, there are no limitations on who can be identified or appointed as a manager in a business. Professional knowledge and training, on the other hand, is seen as a desirable qualification, as individuals with degrees or diplomas from reputable institutions are in higher demand.

A professional association regulates admittance, issues certificates of practise, and develops and enforces a code of behaviour for all professions. There are various associations of practising managers in India, such as the AIMA (All India Management Association), that have established a code of conduct to govern their members’ activities. There is no requirement for managers to be members of such an organisation, and it has no legal backing.

All professions have a code of conduct that governs how its members behave. A profession’s primary goal is to provide dedicated and committed service to its clients. There is a code of conduct in management as well, but it is not mandatory for managers to follow it. The primary goal of management is to assist the organisation in achieving its stated objectives. A good management team that is efficient and effective benefits society by automatically supplying great products at reasonable pricing.

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