✅ spotting Errors

Spellings, grammar, and word usage are the most prevalent in English. Errors can be easily identified and minimised with consistent practise.

1. Incorrect :- put your sign here .

Correct:- put your signature here .

2. Incorrect :-She is my cousin sister.

 Correct:- she is my cousin.

3. Incorrect :Sunil’s my neighbour’s house was burgled.

Correct:- Sunil my neighbour’s house was burgled.

4. Incorrect :- I lost a ten rupees note .

Correct:- I lost a ten rupee note.

5. Incorrect:- Road closed for repair

Correct:- Road closed for repairs.

6. Incorrect:- His house is out of repairs.

Correct:- His house is out of repair.

7. Incorrect :- What is the reason of an earthquake ?

Correct:- what is the cause of an earthquake ?

8. Incorrect :-This building is made of stones.

Correct :- This building is made of stone.

9. Incorrect :-I disapprove of these kinds of games.

Correct :-  I disapprove of this kind of games .

10. Incorrect :-His son – inlaws are doctors.

Correct :- His sons -in-law are doctors.

11. Incorrect:- Alms is given to the poor.

Correct:- Alms are given to the poor.


. Incorrect :-He always keeps his words .

Correct :- He always keeps his word.

13. Incorrect :- I carried the luggages.

Correct:- I carried the luggage.

14. Incorrect :- Two – third of the world is left.

Correct :- Two-thirds of the world is left .

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