Q:- what do you know about the stake holders? What are the stakeholders of forests Resources? Explain?

Ans:- Stakeholders are the person or the company that invested in business and owns a part of it , or someone who has not invested in business but has an interest in the of a system or Organisation.

The four stakeholders of forests are :- 

1) The local people :- “The local population: This refers to those who live in or near forests. . They are dependent on forest produce for various activities of their life . They need large quantities of firewood , small timber and thatch for their living. They use bamboo or other wood sticks for making States of their huts and baskets for collecting and storing fruits, vegetable and other food materials.

2) The forests department of the government :– The forest department of the government which owns the forest land and controls the forest resources.

3) The industrialists:- The industrialists who use forest produce as raw materials for their factories.

4) The nature and wildlife enthusiasts :-  Nature and wildlife enthusiasts: These are the people who want to preserve nature in its ancient form. . These include local people who traditionally work for conservation of forests.

Q:- what do you mean by sustainability management of forests?

Ans:- Sustainability management of forest resources means to manage the forests and it’s produce in such a way so that it will continue to benefit generations to come and will help in maintaining the biodiversity and ecological balance of the forests. Forests are rich and complex ecosystems , which support biodiversity, provide valuable ecological services and have considerable potential for tourism. In particular, millions of poor people depend on forest ecosystems for food , water , fuel , fibre and both timber and non-timber products indeed , for their survival. To achieve sustainability, there must be a rethinking of what consider a basic need.  It is common in our society to stay that we need a given Resources , but how much of it do we really need to use ?  it are ? Defining what constitutes a basic need is perhaps the greatest challenge to adopting sustainability practices in our daily lives .

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