General knowledge MCqs with Answers
General knowledge MCqs/Quiz

1. The famous waterfall , Iguazu falls , is located on the border of :

Answer is C)
Argentina and Brazil

2. The United Nations was founded on :

Answer is B)
October 24 , 1945

3. which country from the following is not the member of UNO ?:

Answer is A)
Vatican city

4. The international court of justice is located in :

Answer is D)

5. The great wall of china is about ____________ Km long.

Answer is D)
21, 196

6. The Oldest university in the world is :

Answer is C)
university of Bologna

7. There are ________ non-permanent members of the security council :

Answer is C)

8. The currency of Indonesia is :

Answer is A)

9. The D-8 is an organization of eight ______ countries.

Answer is B)

10.The European Union’s working capital is in :

Answer is D)

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