One word substitution

📌 500 important one word substitution

 ðŸ“ŒImportant one word substitution quiz for competitive exams

All bank, insurance, SSC, railway, and other government exams, such as SBI PO, SBI CLERK, LIC AAO, SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB JE, RRB ALP, and others, have an essential and high-scoring English language section. As a result, we present you with free online quizzes on a regular basis to help you prepare for your English exams. Questions on ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION are frequently asked in this section.As a result, it is important for all applicants to be aware of all important one-word substitutions.


1. The science of the origin and History of words :- 

Ans:- etymology

2. The study of coins 

Ans:- numismatics

3. The study of human face .

Ans:- physiognomy

4. The art of making fireworks

Ans :- pyrotechnics

5. The study of languages

Ans:- philology

6. A plant or animal growing on another

Ans:- parasite

7. Loud enough to be heard 

Ans:- audible

8. Not distinct enough to be heard .

Ans:- inaudible

9. Able to read .

Ans:- literate

10. That which cannot be hurt .

Ans:- invulnerable

11. Cautious observation of events , etc.

Ans:- circumspection

12. To destroy completely

Ans:- annihilate

13. A preparation of killing insects .

Ans :- insecticide

14. One who leaves his country to settle in another

Ans:- emigrant

15. Born of married parents :- 

Ans:- legitimate

16. Born of unmarried parents :- 

Ans:- illegitimate

17. To banish from one’s country.

Ans:- expatriate

18. Muder of a king 

Ans:- regicide

19. Murder of a  parent

Ans:- parricide

20. Murder of a  father

Ans:- patricide

21. Murder of a mother

Ans:- matricide 

22. Murder of a sister

Ans:- sororicide 

23. Murder of a new born child 

Ans:- infanticide

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