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Prepositions mcqs /select appropriate preposition from the given alternative by theknowledgebee

A proposition is a word that precedes a pronoun or noun and indicates how the noun or pronoun interacts with the rest of the sentence.

Directions:- Select the most appropriate preposition from the given alternative to fill in the blanks and make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Q1:You ___________ smoke on the metro now. It is illegal.

1. Can’t

2. Needn’t

3. Are not allowed

4. don’t

Ans:- are not allowed

Q2. It ________ very hot tomorrow.

1. is 

2. will be

3. is being

4. None of the above

Ans:- will be

Q3. I am ___________ a movie.

1. noticing

2. watching

3. seeing

4. looking

Ans:- watching

Q4. The boy swam right ________________ the river.

1. on

2. Over

3. across

4. through

Ans: across

Q5. She spent ___________ amount of money she had.

1. the little

2. the few 

3. much 


Ans:- the little

Q6. Don’t try to be an advocate___________ these criminals.

1. for

2. with

3. across

4. in

Ans:- for

Q7. The audience admired him __________ his sweet voice.

1. on

2. for 

3. at

4. to

Ans: for 

Q8. I want to check your bag ___________ fake currency notes.

1. upon

2. On

3. to

4. for

Ans:- for

Q9. The few drops clung ___________ the blades of grass.

1. to

2. on

3. for

4. in 

Ans :- to

Q10. The thief was chased __________ by the police.

1. On

2. After 

3. At

4. Into 

Ans:- after

Q11 . please carry this bag __________ my room.

1. to

2. the

3. in

4. on

Ans:- to 

Q12. A lory bumped __________ a car.

1. on

2. over 

3. into


Ans:- into

Q13. They were begging____________ food .

1. of

2. For

3. after 

4. into 

Ans:- for

Q14. She always boasts________ her wealth.

1. Of 

2. on

3. For 

4. After

Ans:- of 

Q15. She banged ___________ the door violently.

1. to 

2. on

3. Upon

4. None of the above

Ans:- on

Q16. I applied _________ the post of a clerk.

1. for 

2. in 

3. to

4. is 

Ans :- for 

🔍prepositions MCqs/quiz for competitive exams

🔍prepositions MCqs/quiz for competitive exams

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