Spellings, grammar, and word usage are the most prevalent in English. Errors can be easily identified and minimised with consistent practise.
Spotting errors mcqs in english grammar for all competitive exams by the knowledge bee.in

Common Errors with Nouns and Noun -phrases  ….
1. I have bought new furnitures:

Answer is C)
I have bought new furniture

2. The wages of sin are death:

Answer is B)
The wages of sin is death

3. She told these news to her mother :

Answer is B)
she told her mother this news

4.He took troubles to do this work :

Answer is C)
He took trouble (or pains) over his work.

5. The cattles were grazing :

Answer is C)
The cattle were grazing

6. He showered many abuses on me :

Answer is A)
He showered much abuse on me

7. I spent the holidays with my family members :

Answer is C)
I spent the holidays with my family

8. There is no place in this compartment :

Answer is C)
There is no room in this compartment

9. Write this new poetry in your copy :

Answer is A)
write this new poem in your note-book

10. He took insult at this :

Answer is A)
He took offence at this

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