✅ The sermon at Benares class 10th Ncert questions answers

✅The sermon at Benares class 10th Ncert worksheet

✅ The sermon at Benares class 10th Textual questions

The Sermon at Benares class 10th Ncert questions answers

Q1:- What is a sermon? How is it different from lecture?

Ans:- A sermon is a discourse delivered by a religious instructor . It is a discussion on moral or religious subject.

A lecture bis a talk that is given to a group of people to teach them about a particular subject.

Q2:- When her son dies , Kisa Gotami goes from house to house. . what does she ask for? Does she get it ? Why not ?

Ans:- She asks for medicine to cure her son . She does not get the medicine because there is no medicine to bring the dead back to life .

Q3:- Kisa Gautama goes from house to house again after talking to Buddha. What does she want to know the second time around? Does she get it?Why not ?

Ans:- She asks for a handful of mustard seed , but does not get any.  Because the Buddha had asked her to bring the seed from such a house only where no death had ever taken place. Kisa Gotami could find a single house without some dead person earlier.

Q4:- What does Kisa Gotami understand the second time? Was this what the Buddha was trying to convey?

Ans:- The second time Kisa Gotami understood the fate of man. She understood that death is the common end of all. 

The Buddha wanted her to understood that death is common end of all . There could be no medicine tha could bring the dead back to life.

Q5:- Why do you think Kisa Gotami only got it the second time around? In what ways did the Buddha changed her perception?

Ans:- Kisa Gotami could understand only the second time that death is common and inevitable to all.  Because she was selfish in her grief. Her son died and she wanted to see him alive . But Buddha changed her understanding by asking her to bring the mustard seed from that house where no one had died . She approached many houses without some dead person earlier. He made her realise that if selfishness is surrendered , it is a path leading to immortality.

Q6:-   What comes to mind when you hear the word “selfishness?Do you think Kisa Gotami is being “selfish in her grief “?

Ans:- ‘ Selfishness’ usually means thinking of one’s self only without caring for the interest of others.

We cannot say Kisa Gotami was selfish in her grief . She was only ignorant of a harsh reality. In her grief , she had forgotten the fact that dead can’t brought back to life . The Buddha made her realise this fact in a very subtle and convincing manner.

Q7 :- The Buddha’s  sermon is 2500 years old. Do you think Buddhist doctrines and teaching methods matter to us? Or have we discovered new methods to cope with grief? Write your feelings in 150-250 words.

Ans:- Although Buddha’s sermon is over 2500 years old , it is important to note that the teachings of Buddha are evergreen. They  will remain true and beautiful to all the coming generations.

Buddha rightly state death is inevitable. Death comes to everyone sooner or later. . It is reality and so on we should be ready to face it at any time although death of a near and dear grieves bus but it is only our selfishness. We don’t realise that who so ever had been born has to die  . There are instances when we have not seen mothers and fathers losing their sons and daughters young boys and girls losing their parents, women losing their husbands etc. Death brings sadness, grief , desperation , loneliness, anxiety etc.

Buddha’s approach is the real approach . One must not grieve or cry or lament but feel one with what happens . We have to be careful and loveable towards all and must carry out our responsibilities and leave everything to God . We should remember that God is never unjust.

Q:- Paragraph on “Helping each other to get over different times” :- 

Man is a social animal duly created by his Almighty in this pious earth . During his/her stay , one has to experience both troubles and happiness since at every step there are tension , trouble, stress , difficulties, grief , sorrow , sadness and shock . One can never free himself from these behavioral feelings as these are to occur at any moment.

It is the duty of all of us to help one another in time of difficulties sympathy, it is , that matters most . If we extend sympathy from the depths of heart , it leaves a strong impact.

We should remember that misfortune can overtake any of us any time . When we see some in trouble we must help him . We must show love , fellow , feeling and nobility of mind . We have to make those in trouble feel that hardship must be borne with courage. By giving concrete examples, we can create a new faith that one must be brave and prepared for everything.

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