✅Long walk to Freedom class 10th Ncert questions answers

✅Long walk to Freedom class 10th Ncert worksheet

✅Long walk to Freedom question answers

Long walk to Freedom class 10th Ncert questions answers

Q1:- why is may 10 an” autumn day” in South Africa?

Ans:- South Africa continued to be under white domination (apartheid) for 300 years .Then they had a long but un -variable struggle against this white domination and ultimately they succeeded in freeing their people from the opression and brutality of a apartheid. It was May 10 when they got the fruit of their struggle . As fruits are ripe in autumn and the day when we take down the fruits down the tree is called autumn dawn. South Africa received the fruit of freedom from aparthied on May 10 it was why the date was called by Nelson Mandela in his address to his nation.

Q2:- What does Mandela set for further of South Africa?

Ans:- He lays down the ideas to liberate all his people from the continuing bondage of poverty , slavery opression , exploitation , deprivation, suffering gender discrimination and other areas of prejudice.

Q3:- Why did such large no. of international leaders attend the inauguration? What did it signify the triumph of?

Ans:- They had come to honor the south Africa’s first democratic and non racial government. It was common Victory for justice, peace and human dignity.

Q4:- What does Mandela mean when he says simply the sum of all those African Patriots who had gone before him?

Ans:- Mandela means to say that without the sacrifice of all those who had gone before him, he could never have been what he is today. Without their sacrifices, he would not have been able to become South Africa’s first black president.That is why he calls himself ‘simply the sum of those patriots’ who had gone before him.

Q5:-Would you agree that the depths of oppression bring out the best in people ? How does Mandela illustrate this ?

Ans:- I agree the depths of opression create heights of character. During the apartheid struggle in South Africa, people had to face opression and brutality for decades together. This produced many great men like Oliver Tombos, Walter , Bram Fischers and so on . They had remarkable wisdom, courage and generosity .

Q6:- what ‘twin obligations’ does Mandela mention ?

Ans:- The twin obligations are obligation to his family , to his parents , to his wife and children as well as obligation to his people, community, and country.

Q7:- How did Mandela’s understanding of freedom Change with age and experience?

Ans:- Mandela’s understanding of freedom changed with age and experience. During boyhood he learnt that freedom was an illusion. As a youth , he realised that his freedom has been taken away from him . With the advancement of age and experience , he felt that not only his freedom but also the freedom of every one was curtailed. So he decided to join the Africa national congress to have freedom for all.

Q: Character sketch of Mahatma Gandhi……

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on oct 2, 1869 at porbander , a small town in kathiawar in Gujarat state. His father was a minister in Rajkot. His mother’s name was putli bai , she was an intelligent and religious leader. His mother had a great influence on him. Gandhi ji had a great love for his people. Satyagrah and non violence were the basic principles of his philosophy. He loved truth which according to him , is the sharpest weapon to cut all evils. He opposed caste and did a great work in uplifting the depressed classes. He called low cast people , Harijans, the creatures of God. He called the truth God and God the truth.

He was fearless. He bought the people of India under one umbrella and was the man , one among others ,responsible for freedom of India.

He was decains and gave a great gift to nation in form of Basic education. He had no lust for power. He was great social worker also and wanted to serve the people to the best.

He was an apostle of peace and universal brotherhood. He lived and died for peace. On 30th of January, 1948 he was shot dead by Nathu Ram Godse. 

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