✅An excellent father class 10th Ncert questions answers

✅ An excellent father class 10th Ncert worksheet

✅An excellent father class 10th Ncert questions answers solved 

An excellent father class 10th Ncert questions answers

Q1 :- what does Mrs. Bennet tell her husband?

Ans:-  Bennet informs her husband that Nether field Park has finally been leased to a wealthy young man named Bingley. The young man is from North of England.

Q2:- Who takes over Nether Field Park? Why is Mrs. Bennet happy about it?

Ans: Mr. Bingley takes over the Nether Field Park. Mrs. Bennet is happy about it because she had some to know that he is unmarried rich fellow and thinks of him marrying on one  her daughters.

Q3 :- Why does Mrs. Bennet insist her husband to meet Mr. Bingley?

Ans:- Mrs. Bennet insists her husband to meet Mr. Bingley so that he may develop acquaintance with them and select one of their girl for marriage.

Q4:- “You takes delight in vexing me. You have no compassion on my poor nerves” Explain.

Ans:- Mrs. Bennet gets no response from her husband when she request him to visit the  rich man so that they have and advantage. She urges her husband to visit Me. Bingley to settle the marriage of one of their daughters. But Mr. Bennet teases his wife by saying her that the young man would be more pleased to see her and so she should rather go and see him. At this Mrs. Bennet feels vexed and says the given lines.

Q5:- Why does Mrs. Bennet think that Mrs. Long is Selfish?

Ans:- Because, she thinks that Mrs. Long is also interested as she has two nieces and she too may be thinking of an advantage. So Mrs. Bennet thinks her to be Selfish.

Q6:- How does Mr. Bennet respond to the plan designed by his wife?

Ans:- Mr. Bennet shows his unwillingness to the suggestion of his wife that he must pay a visit to Mr. Bingley to settle the marriage of one of their daughters. Finally he surprise all of them is saying that he was among the earliest of those who had met Mr. Bingley.

Q7:- Why does Mrs. Bennet tell her girls that they have an excellent father?

Ans:- Mrs. Bennet comes to know that Mr. Bennet had gone to Me. Bingley early in the morning without telling them she feels astonished and tells her daughters that they have an excellent father. She means to say that their father has great love for them and is  much worried about their marriage.

Q8:- Character sketch of Mrs. Bennet.

Ans:- Mrs. Bennet is very amusing character in the story . “An Excellent Father”. She is a mother of three grown up daughters. She is worried about their marriage. She did not got any suitable match for them . Mrs. Bennet is happy when she comes to know that Mr. Bingley takes over the Nether field Park because he is an unmarried rich fellow and thinks of him marrying one of her daughters to the man of a large fortune. She thinks that it may be possible that he falls in love with one of her daughters. She is short tempered as she gets irritated at once. When she compels her husband to visit him as soon as, she does not get any response from him she soon turns annoyed. 

She is wise enough to judge the character of others. Although Mrs. Long has promised to introduce Mr . Bingley to them she knows that instead of introducing her daughters to Mr. Bingley, She’ll only think about her two nieces.. However, being a mother she feels happy when her husband discloses the secret of his to Mr. Bingley.

Q9:-Do you think a mother’s love differs from a father’s love ? Why or why not?

Ans:- Children are always dear to their parents. It is difficult to say if a Father loves his child more than mother does. Or vice-versa. The situation can be differently in different cases. But one thing is generally white oblivious. A mother is a symbol of tenderness, love sympathy and warmth of heart . Family is called the first school of child and the mother, the first teacher. It is from a mother that the children learns values like truth, honesty,love etc. A mother is always vical and ostentatious than father in their expression of love. Father is calm and reserved. In the heart of hearts, he loves the child as deep as the mother does , but he does not make too much show of it . His love speaks through his actions more than through his words . While a mother will simply cry and wail by side of her ailing child, the poor father will keep running to doctor day and night and spend on the child’s treatment with all the pains in his heart. He will never make any mention of all the trouble he takes for his child. From the above discussion it is clear that both father and mother love their children very much. But the mode of expression is different.

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