✅ Personal selling

✅What is Personal selling?

✅Nature of personal selling.

✅ Define personal selling and it’s nature.

✅ Definition of personal selling.

What is personal selling and it's nature/ Define personal selling.

Personal selling entails the salesperson making direct and personal contact with the buyer. It refers to the customer and seller conversing face to face.

Personal selling, often known as face-to-face selling, is when a salesperson tries to persuade a customer to buy something.It’s a sales technique in which a salesperson uses his or her skills and abilities to try to close a deal.

What is personal selling and it's nature/ Define personal selling.

Nature of personal selling

1. It is a part of promotion mix :- Personal selling is a component of the promotional mix, or the communication mix, in a company’s marketing strategy. Other factors include sales promotion, advertising, and public relations.

2. It is a two way communication:- It is the most effective means of two-way communication. Customer information regarding the company’s products can be provided by the salesman, who can also collect information from the customer. The final goal is to persuade the buyer to purchase the item.

3. It’s a creative tool :- It is creative in nature. The salesperson attempts to create needs by making the consumer aware of such demands and persuading them to purchase the products. The salesman does not sell; instead, he arouses the desire to purchase.

4. Development of long term relationship:- Personal selling leads to the establishment of a personal relationship between the salesperson and the potential buyer. This type of relationship is crucial in sales.

5. Improves company’s goodwill/image:- The buyer’s uncertainties and ambiguities are allayed by the full explanation of the company and its products. It aids in the restoration of a company’s image and reputation in the marketplace.

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